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Soar with Science is a 60 minute thought provoking presentation using science demonstrations with audience volunteers that encourages youth to consider their future careers.  The lively presentation centres on the 4A Plan for Success™ to motivate  students to reach and use their potential in four easily identified and relatable components of success - Abilities, Attendance, Attitude, Assignments. The demonstrations, with student assistance and participation, are interesting, informative, enjoyable and memorable.

Soar with Science was created to facilitate a request by Ontario First Nations for Bob to visit youth throughout Ontario.  See details at Cool Careers.

A promotional DVD, funded by Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation, released in January 2006 is based on Bob's personal 4A Plan for Success™.

There is no fee for the presentation other than travel and consumable expenses.  Local assistance (from teachers, students, staff) is required for set up, staging and take down.  Each presentation may be tailored to local themes, goals and objectives. Presentations have been for elementary and secondary school students in First Nations schools, public and Catholic schools, in church schools and for Boy Scouts & Girl Guides in Burlington, Hamilton, Kilbride, Milton, Niagara Falls, Oakville, Stewarttown, Stratford, Welland and Windsor.
Some media reports on SwS™ presentations. (link)

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